martedì 6 novembre 2018

7th of November, New Moon in Scorpio.

luna nuova scorpione fasi lunari

This Wednesday, November 7th, the Moon becomes new under the sign of Scorpio.
Moon and Sun are now conjuncted under the darkest and deepest sign of the zodiac, which will allow us to analyze our current situation in a very lucid way and prepare us for a radical change in our lives.

All the decisions we are going to make in these days will have a strong impact on our future, both on a personal level and on a level of change for whole humanity.

Like all arthropods, the scorpion has the ability to change its exoskeleton in relation to its growth throughout its life; the transits under the sign of Scorpio therefore allow us to change our skin, to change and to evolve in our personal growth.
Scorpio also teaches us the cycle of life, helps us to forgive, to let go and to notice what makes us feel more vulnerable.

Moreover, on this day the axis of the lunar nodes will pass on the signs Cancer / Capricorn. The South node in Capricorn represents what we must let go in this period, that is, our rigid being and imposing harsh rules on ourselves. The North node, however, represents what we must aspire to, that is, to follow our emotions and what can make us happy.
We therefore need to try to follow our heart more and free ourselves from the constraints imposed by society.

During this lunation all those rituals aimed at fulfilling our desires are ideal, with a good use of the water element, focusing on improving our personality and letting go of what is no longer necessary, which prevents us from changing.
What we must ask ourselves is: What are the areas of our life that require a reset?
Furthermore, the Scorpio season encourages us to deepen our spirituality, pay special attention to your dreams.

The Goddess which best represents this lunation is Kālī, Hindu deity that represents one of the aspects of Shakti, is the Goddess of the changing energy and transformation.
Kālī imposes us total nudity and puts us in front of a mirror, with the aim of analyzing our soul.


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martedì 23 ottobre 2018

24th of October, Full Moon in Taurus

full moon taurus lunar phases

In the late afternoon of Wednesday 24th the Moon becomes full, in exaltation under the sign of Taurus, joined to Uranus, the planet of change, which under this sign instead is in fall.

Uranus is a slow planet that exerts its influence on the cultural changes of an entire generation. While Uranus pushes us towards metamorphosis with an eye towards the future, the sign of Taurus still belongs to the past.

With Uranus in conjunction with the Moon in Taurus, our decision-making power will express itself in practical form, firmly, without impulsive and aggressive stimuli, as it had been in the past few years while it was under the sign of Aries. The time has come to fight for something concrete, in this period we will all feel the need for greater certainty and stability.

The influence of the full moon in Taurus will be more intense than normal, as our nocturnal satellite will thus be in a favorable position.

This lunation will allow us to eradicate more with Mother Earth, we will feel a visceral need to go in the middle of nature and totally merge with it: follow this instinct and you will come out born again!

The positive influence of the moon in Taurus will give us a little respite from the tornado of emotions that is giving us Venus in Scorpio in retrograde motion (which is now in opposition to the Moon). These days are perfect for love spells, magic for properties, for material acquisitions and money related.

The deity that best represents this lunation is the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Goddess of motherhood, fertility and magic, Isis was one of the main Goddess of the ancient Egyptian religion, whose cult spread even in Europe through the Greek-Roman conquests.

One of his powers is to help the dead pass the veil and reach the underworld, so it can be a valuable help for the rituals of Samhain.


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mercoledì 17 ottobre 2018

Magic in Movies: Apostle.

During a solitary Saturday night, in the company of my trusted familiar, I open Netflix looking for something to watch: the preview of Apostle appears in full screen, a film by Gareth Evans released on the platform on October 12th.

The 20th century - Sorcery - Horror - Thriller - British Films

The perfect recipe to convince me to press play.


London, early 20th century. The wealthy and aristocratic Thomas Richardson returns to the manor house, after leaving his path as a missionary, to discover that his sister was taken hostage by a religious cult in search of a ransom. Upon hearing the news, Thomas travels to a remote island off Welsh, where a pagan sect thrives under the guidance of Prophet Malcolm - rejecting the corruption of society and its christian god, trying to create one of their own under the guidance of a benevolent local pagan goddess. But under the idyll of this community, a creepy secret hides ...

As can be seen from above, there are all the elements for a respectable thriller; where the gloomy Victorian atmospheres are holding us in suspense in an aura of mystery throughout the film. A rare gem in today's cinematic landscape, where the binomial horror=splatter dominates. Of course, the blood is not lacking but it is not only seen in the mere optics of the classic horror film.

And it is blood that is the key to reading the whole story.

Blood seen as a gore element, blood seen as a sacrificial offering, life and even poison. But let's proceed with order ...



On one hand we have Thomas Richardson, the main character: a former missionary who became a disbeliever after suffering the horrors of the religious war in China - during the Boxer Uprising. Thomas is a disillusioned man, lost in the delirium of opiates - his only comfort to forget the death and destruction he witnessed, no longer having a faith to turn to.

On the other hand we have the prophet Malcolm, a Victorian version of the Reverend Jim Jones: fanatical-eyed, who keeps the entire island community in check, posing as spokesperson for the Goddess of Erisden while rattling off almost socialist speeches about equality and depravity of the Kingdom from where he has escaped. A farce behind which there are games of power, corruption and slavery.

Not only slavery of the population of Erisden, but also of the divine itself. In fact, behind the miracle of the sudden fertility of a historically uninhabited island, lies a chilling story.

Malcolm, shipwrecked on the island with his companions Quinn and Frank following a prison evasion, meets a mysterious Chrone Goddess (probably inspired by Cailleach), who saves them from certain death. As we all know, natural and magical laws always provide for an exchange: in this case, a blood sacrifice. Blood is one of the greatest offers that can be found in nature, the very source of life. A powerful and arcane symbolism.

The three soon find a way to speed up this process, imprisoning the goddess and forcing her to drink blood to make the earth fertile, almost in an industrial way. When slaughtered animals are no longer enough, the devotion of the inhabitants of the island comes to the scene, who came to witness the prodigy of this inexplicable fertility but unaware of the macabre background: a vial of blood, to be delivered every night after the curfew. 
And here's the miracle, a miracle obtained at the expense of the nature itself that resides in a hut - hidden under the carpet as dirt. Until, exhausted and squeezed to the end, prosperity turns into poison, famine and pestilence ... to the point to seek a monetary ransom, at the expense of the Richardson family.

The heir, after having immersed himself in a vortex of terror, delirium and fanaticism, comes into contact with a renewed faith, freeing the goddess from the mechanical grip of the human being.

I do not know if the director had planned this ecologic message or if it was an expedient to make the atmosphere more "folk", but parallelism immediately jumps to the eye: we ourselves, nowadays, we are reserving the same treatment to the our goddess, Gaia. We, too, enslave her,  gorging her with fertilisers, pesticides and waste; all in the name of an economic profit.

Think of the horrors of industrial farms, socially accepted: real lagers, in which living beings are stuffed with hormones and suffering in dark cells. But do not fall into the trap of thinking that eating only quinoa and tofu is more sustainable, in extensive cultivations that destroy hectares of forests. It is impossible not to have an imprint on this planet, for every cause there is a consequence. But we try to be aware, in our small way, by reducing the environmental impact as much as we can during our passage on this planet. When we do it, we think of a chained and dying Mother Earth.

In conclusion, I found it a great film - suitable for the dark atmosphere of October, around the night of Samhain. Definitely recommended if you want to enjoy a thrilling evening that also wants to give us a food for thought.

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lunedì 8 ottobre 2018

9th October, New Moon in Libra

In the early hours of this Tuesday, October 9th, we will have a new Moon under the sign of Libra, therefore governed by Venus.

Venus is in fact the undisputed protagonist of this period; entered retrograde on the 5th October, under the sign of the Scorpio, it will remain until November 16th.

The focus of this lunation is on love, love towards others and towards ourselves: it's time to concentrate and understand, are we happy? What can we do to improve our situation?

It is the ideal time to close the pending situations, even if you try to avoid them you will be forced to deal with them, with the aim of continuing with your growth path.

Venus in Scorpio influences our relationships, increasing the sense of jealousy and the desire for manipulation; fortunately, the Moon in Libra will counterbalance, bringing equilibrium and harmony, attenuating the effects of Venus.

This lunation will increase our loving desire and pleasure for beautiful things; devote yourself to activities that can give you greater harmony, like poetry and art.

This is a good time to start spells about love and passion, the retrograde motion of Venus will make you get results faster and the Moon in Libra will help you in getting justice.

The deity that best represents this lunation is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of grace, love and beauty.
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lunedì 24 settembre 2018

25th of September, Full Moon in Aries.

luna piena ariete fasi lunari

At dawn on September 25, the Moon becomes full under the sign of Aries.
This lunation will give a real shaking to the calm energies of this period, influenced by the previous full moon in pisces and the autumn equinox.

Mars is in the sign of Aquarius, in quadrature with Venus in Scorpio, this sky forces us to face a proper earthquake in our love life, and finally allows us to find a new balance.

Aries is a fire sign, it is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore we will perceive this moon as a new beginning, making us move quickly and with greater courage, but also in a very impulsive way.
In the three days when the energy of the full moon is perceived, we must try to keep calm, especially in love situations, to avoid entering into open conflict with others.

Moreover, the Moon in Aries is conjunct to Chiron, our wound.
This will bring back old wounds and old traumas of the past, we will clearly remember things that made us suffer; we need to take the opportunity to find a way to overcome and let go all what still makes us feel pain.

In these days we will feel a strong appeal to our independence and a need to differentiate ourselves from the ordinary. In this case, the fire of creativity of Aries is nourished by the powerful beauty brought by the sun in Libra, take the opportunity to exploit your artistic side.

The Goddess who best represents this lunation is Artemis, the powerful goddess of hunting and wild animals, who lives free with the nymphs of the forest, she helps the women in labor, but she is also a grievous and vindictive goddess.

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mercoledì 12 settembre 2018

The Chimera

What is the oldest art we know? Painting? Writing? Singing?

It is sorcery, which accompanies us from the dawn of time; when the first man began to stand erect, connected to primordial nature. Before polluting himself and the world with wars, technology, politics.

Witchcraft is a wolf, which has followed us on our journey.
A hound walking in our shadow, watchful,lethal and vigilant.

I often hear critics about characters such as Aleister Crowley or Gerald Gardner because what they said is "not good", "is old-fashioned". Characters who, for better or for worse, overturned the status quo of tradition. These occultists are children of their time, during which that was the kind of sorcery that was needed.

I smile when I hear the pagan fundamentalists pointing their finger, when one does not follow to the letter a tradition as ancient as humanity itself. How can we pretend to judge, if we blindly accept dogmas imposed by others?

Magic is a chimera, changing shape and evolving with us.

Witchcraft is an instrument, and as such it must be used to obtain what we need.

Why making animal sacrifices in a Europe that can survive without the meat industry? Why faithfully following centuries-old traditions, of people once circumscribed in isolated territories?

The question that must be asked is always: "Why do you do this? What can I do better?".
These are the questions that our ancestors asked themselves, the questions that led them to discover the movement of the planets, electricity, penicillin and all those great inventions that have revolutionised the world. By simply wondering why things, going against tradition.

Sorcery is revolution.

Witchcraft does not look to the past, it looks to the future.
It is important to know who we are and where we come from, but we must look ahead: time flows, and us with it. And if we continue to walk backwards, we will end up with the nose straight against a wall!

Let us be revolutionary! Let us ask ourselves the why of things! Let us improve them, if we can.

But not with littleness and lightness, as we have often been taught by the New Age disciplines. But in depth. Breaking the rotting roots and growing new cuttings - strong and proud, pointing towards the stars.

Do not worry about being labeled as crazy, as heretics. The witch is a liminal, solitary being.

The ultimate limit of witchcraft is not to bend an unrequited love or a lottery win to one's pleasure. The ultimate limit of sorcery is to guard the key to the dimensional door, which unites the multiverse.

It is there, in the middle of the axis mundi where the dimensions collide and merge into the very fabric of cosmost, we reach the climax during the sabbath. The only limit is the lack of knowledge, the only thirst that drives us to improve ourselves and the world around us.

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domenica 9 settembre 2018

9th of September, New Moon in Virgo

luna nuova vergine fasi lunari

Today the Moon becomes new under the sign of Virgo.
This Moon, joined to a Sun in Virgo, in trine with Pluto in Capricorn, urges us to descend into the depths of ourselves, analyzing with precision all that we do not need anymore and begin to clean up our energies.

It’s the ideal moment for deep radicating, the earth element is very present in the energies of this day, this allows us to evaluate with clarity the situation of our material assets, with the help of Mercury, also under the sign of Virgo.

This lunation allows us to reset our bad habits and start from scratch, create a "vision board" in which you will put all the new healthy habits that you intend to undertake, such as a new diet, the beginning of a yoga class etc ... it's time to take care about us, to prepare us for winter’s arrival.

Moreover, this new moon will open a sort of portal that will connect our material vision with the spiritual one, thanks to the opposition with Neptune in Pisces; these two dimensions of our being will have the possibility to dialogue, allowing us to discover new connections between them.

The goddess who best represents this lunation is Persephone, from the Greek mythology, wife of Hades and queen of the underworld.
Persephone represents the continuous renewal and the descent into the dark part of our soul, communicating with it, in a sort of initiatory journey.

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